Elevate the Movements!

Sunday October 24th @ Dom im Berg (14:00 - 23:00)

Sunday's focus is a basic examination of the – according to notable scientists and activists - particularly important role of protest movements, social movements and other progressive actors of civil society in local, regional as well as global processes of change.

As a first point of the program, the documentary film “Widerstand in Haiderland - Masse ohne Macht?” [Resistance in Haider country – Mass without power?] deals with the diverse protest movements against the FPÖVP government under Schüssel/Haider. Following the screening, director Frederick Baker will answer questions concerning the movie.

The two subsequent, distinguished panels put their discussion focus on various historical and current important movements and initiatives. The first focus is on Austria (Panel Discussion: Civil Society in Austria), the second on global questions and perspectives (Panel Discussion: It's all about the movement..). The aim of both is to discuss what can be learned from experiences already made and how it could be possible to spur the urgently necessary fundamental change of society “from below”.


Widerstand in Haiderland
It's All About The Movement
Beatrice Achaleke
Iara Lee

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