Protest movements and civil society initiatives in Austria – Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Béatrice Achaleke (AFRA / AT)
Robert Foltin (grundrisse / AT)
Frederick Baker (Filmemacher / AT/UK)
Rahel Sophia Süß (UniBrennt / AT)
Wolfgang Rehm (Virus – WUK-Umweltbureau / AT)

Moderation: Christian Stenner (Korso / AT)

From the anti-nuclear movement, the peace movement, the opposers to Hainburg up to the protests against the ÖVP/FPÖ government, the sea of lights in Vienna, student sit-ins and the organizations of immigrants and social minorities: Which role and which influence do civil society initiatives and movements have in Austria? The historical perspective, but also the current situation, the growing repression of NGOs and initiatives (keyword: surveillance state and “anti-terror paragraph”), but also possible future developments will be discussed with protagonists and chroniclers of different important past and present movements. What can we learn of historical experiences for present and future conflicts? How can we follow up on past successes?

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