Frederick Baker

Dr. Frederick Baker is a 45 year old Austrian-British film-maker, who was born in Salzburg, and brought up in London. He studied Anthropology and Archaeology at St Johns College, Cambridge, Tübingen and Sheffield Universities. He has been awarded a PhD for his research into ‘Film and the historical memory of WWII and the Cold War’ at Cambridge University, where he is a visiting fellow.

Frederick Baker has made films for the BBC, Channel 4, ARTE, ORF, 3SAT and Studiocanal. His films been shown at the Cannes film festival and won awards in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Paris, Prague and Rome. He has also worked as a foreign correspondent for “The Independent” and “The Guardian” newspapers and is the author of several books on Central European history and politics. He also teaches film and media at the universities of St Pölten, Krems and the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

He has edited two books dealing with the Austrian politics during the Haider years.

“Wiener Wandertage. Die Demonstrationskultur gegen die Haider-Schüssel Koalition. Reden-Texte-Berichte. (2000-2002)“. 2002. Frederick Baker & Elisabeth Boyer (Eds.) Klagenfurt, Wieser Verlag. “Die beschämte Republik. 10 Jahre nach Schwarz-Blau in Österreich“ 2010. Frederick Baker & Petra Herzeg.(Eds.) Vienna, Czernin Verlag.

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