Friday October 22nd @ Forum Stadtpark (14:00 - 23:00)

In the face of a intensified multiple socioeconomic crisis, more and more people agree that there is an urgent need for a fundamental social change.

Against this backdrop, Elevate presents and discusses the hereabouts rarely known “Transition Movement” as a special main focus of this year's program: An inspiring movement spreading globally since some time, that confronts the threat of Peak Oil and climate change with much creativity, passion and a positive, solution-orientated spirit.

The second topic “Good food for everyone” should show possibilities for a sensible change of consumption and behavior in a sphere of activity that concerns us in everyday life. With many small decisions we can contribute to a better and more just food system, away from large-scale agricultural industries, GMOs and environmental destruction.

The documentary film “The fourth revolution – Energy Autonomy” in the evening shows the vision of a world society in which energy is supplied entirely by renewable sources.

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