Monday October 25th @ Forum Stadtpark (10:30 - 23:00)

How democratic is our media society? What influence do economic pressure, quotas or ownership have on the press freedom? How can civil society initiatives use new media, what are the chances and the risks? These and many other questions are the center of the third Elevate theme day.

The first point of the program looks behind the scenes of the Elevate-Mediachannel and offers information about the employed technology and resources. Subsequently, ThePirateBay and Flattr founder Peter Sunde will present his newest project concerning Social Micropayment, which can also be particularly useful for civil society initiatives.

Qualified experts will answer questions by the audience during the following "Elevate Expertise": The "Datenkrake Web 2.0" provides plenty of subjects to discuss and interact on.

Following the three focuses on technology, two subsequent discussions will deal with journalistic aspects and civil society activism. The first (Alternative Media & Activism) with an international character and a focus on the production of the news broadcast “Democracy Now!” and the strategy of the project “Cultures of Resistance”, the second (Civil Society and the Media) with a focus on the role of classic and new media in conveying civil society concerns.

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