Datenkrake Web 2.0

Hans Zeger (ARGE Daten / AT)
Gerald B├Ąck (Digital Affairs / AT)

Moderation: Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom / AT)

Datenkrake (Data kraken) is a key word from the political discussion concerning data privacy. It means systems and organizations that evaluate personal information on a grand scale and/or pass them on to a third party. By doing this, they assumedly or demonstrably violate data privacy protection laws and infringe personal rights postulated by data privacy protectors. No matter if Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo or another service provider: many people are misled by allegedly free offers to transmit extremely sensitive data to big corporations, which profit immensely by passing the data on and through advertising. Privacy of correspondence practically does not exist anymore for G-Mail users (their e-mails are scanned automatically) and normal (not-encrypted) e-mails should be seen more as postcards than as letters. As there are many data krakens lurking in the abysses of the web 2.0, this expertise should offer the audience the possibility to pose questions and perhaps escape the kraken.

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