Saturday October 23rd @ Forum Stadtpark (10:00 - 23:00)

Current projects, campaigns and debates will be presented and we will discuss new possibilities of sociopolitical mobilization and creative protest in collaboration with many progressive civil society organizations. People interested in getting involved will receive an overview of diverse NGOs, initiatives and areas of possible action and can make contact with local activists.

A lecture with a following discussion offers an overview of the history of protest culture and broaches the issue of the possibilities of protest in the digital world. Keyword: Protest 2.0

In a panel discussion there will be a debate, amongst others, about the cooperation between NGOs, unions and other civil society powers facing an intensifying socioecological crisis (keyword: austerity package 2011). How can it be spurred and made more effective and strategically sophisticated?

The documentary film in the evening “Cultures of Resistance” shows a section of protest movements worldwide and presents people and initiatives who use art as a means to live and to demonstrate alternatives. The director Iara Lee will be guest at the Austrian premiere of the film and answer questions posed by the audience.

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