Jurczok 1001 Michael Gilgen
Jurczok 1001

Jurczok 1001,born 1974 in Wädenswil (CH). Poet, MC and singer. Belongs to the swiss pioneers in spoken word performance. Studied german philology and ethnology at the univerity of Zurich. Lives and works in Zurich. Performs under the name of Jurczok 1001 since 1996. Collboration with auhor and musician Melinda Nadj Abonji since 1998 (text performance, music, theatre, raps, electric violin, human beatbox and loops). Jurczok 1001 made his debut in 1997 with a spoken text on CD which was planned to be a rap but turned out to be too complex in rythm and content. Since that: 4 EPs and performances around the globe. For his performances he has a loop-setup programmed for him, according to his needs and visions. Sometimes his texts are accompanied by massive human beatboxing, sometimes the lyrics emerge from fragile vocal figurations.  


Saturday, 25 Oct

21:30 - 22:30


Jurczok 1001 (ch)