Mimu + Lukas Lauermann
Mimu + Lukas Lauermann

Mimus’ debut album ‘Elegies in Thoughtful Neon’, released on Liska Records last year,  was highly acclaimed by critics and first drew international attention to the Vienna based musician and artist. The Austrian magazine ‘Der Falter’ listed the album in its Top 10 annual charts and De:Bug described: "There is no need to worry about possible bleak borders between serious and popular music when listening to this album. Mimu's vocals are the outstanding feature of the record: She aspirates. Whispers, speaks poetry, sings powerfully one time and fragile the other, overlaying her voice with her own voice over and over again until she sounds like a polyphonic choir." Mimu is also the sole austrian participant at this years’ Red Bull Music Academy 2014 in Tokyo.

Lukas Lauermann, a subtle and extremely versatile cellist crossing genre borders, teamed up with Mimu for the first time in 2013 when opening the Cinematic Orchestra show in Viennas’ Burgtheatertogether with Ritornell. This collaboration was the starting point for a new joint project: Using his instruments and all kinds of electronic devices Lauermann creates soundscapes ranging from a dense wall of sound to fragile noise. Combining this with a voice that wanders between spoken word, noise and singing the two of them create moments that linger inside you for quite a while.


Thursday, 23 Oct

22:30 - 23:30 - live

Dom Im Berg

Mimu + Lukas Lauermann (at)
Liska Records