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Raoul Schrott
Raoul Schrott, born 1964, writer and literature scientist, studied literature and lingustics in Innsbruck, Norwich, Paris and Berlin. His scientific research focusses on Dadaism and translations from antique greek epics (such as „Bakchen“ for the Wiener Burgtheater). As a writer he published several novels such as „Finis Terra“ (1995), „Die Wüste bei Lop Nor“ (2000), poetry and anthologies like „Die Erfindung der Poesie“ (1997), which became a bestseller. Recently he published „Homers Heimat“ and his translation of the „Ilias“ (2008), love poetry from the ancient Egypt „Die Blüte des nackten Körpers“ (2010), essays about poetry like „Gehirn und Gedicht“ (2011) together with the neuro scientist Arthur Jacobs and the novel „Das schweigende Kind“ (2012).

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