Day 2 - Transformations

Thursday, 09 October 2014

On the second day of the festival (SA, Oct. 25th), Elevate will search for places where social transformation is happening today and for ideas on how new technologies and media can be used in a more emancipatory way. The intention is to explore prospects for the coming years.

We want to point out the relevance of associating the digital commons with social and environmental issues and of marrying the possibilities of free networks and media with the potential of decentralized, participatory production.

It will start off in Graz, where outposts will be stationed around projects and places that in recent years have given rise to interesting initiatives, Then the spectrum will be covered from open and free technologies which offer tremendous emancipatory possibilities - to the reality, which supposedly is the next big thing. It will come to an end with an exciting panel, where the various analyzes will be linked together for a global perspective, and where possible future scenarios will be discussed.

Discourse guests will be amongst others: Amy Goodman, Jan Suhr, Tsvetan Usunov, Shoshana Zuboff, Joana Varon, Miriam Rasch, Nafeez Ahmed und Felix Stalder.

Hashtags for the events are: #E14graz, #E14fairopen, #E14reality, #E14connected.

All discourse panels will be live streamed via the Elevate Mediachannel!