Day 3 – Community & DIY

Sunday, 12 October 2014

On the last day of the festival (SUN, Oct. 26th), we will focus on practical aspects and give participants the opportunity to get up close and personal and share ideas with some of our festival guests.

As part of the Elevate Security Sunday, we will present projects and initiatives on the subject of computer security, and participants will be able to try out some things for themselves.

Following this, the investigative journalist Erich Moechel will reveal his latest findings regarding the spying activities of foreign intelligence services in Austria. During a shared lunch, you will have the opportunity to meet festival guests and the Elevate discourse team in a relaxed atmosphere and to exchange ideas. After lunch, we will introduce the discourse theme of the 2015 festival, and invite the audience to contribute their ideas in an open brainstorming session.

The highlight of the Sunday programme is the third Elevate Awards Show, which will take place at Dom im Berg.

There will be amongst others: Nadim Kobeissi, Bill Buddington, Jan Suhr, Markus Sabadello, CryptoParty Graz and of course all of you!

Hashtags for the Events are: #E14ess, #E14nsa, #E14eat, #E14nextone, #elevateawards

This day only the Elevate Awards Show will be live streamed via the Elevate Mediachannel.