No-Input-Mixing is the method of creating sound by manipulating feedbacks on a mixer. The remarkable thing about this idea is that no sources except the mixer itself are necessary. Feedback occurs when the line out of a mixer is connected directly to the line in. The sound can then be shaped with the use of effects units.

Gernot Tutner is an electronic musician who works in the areas of disco and noise. He has been utilizing No-Input-Mixing as an improvisational tool for about two years now, and currently uses a Mackie 1402 mixer combined with a variety of analogue guitar pedals.
In the first part of the workshop Gernot will demonstrate how he creates, manipulates and controls feedback on his mixer and treats it with equalizers and effects units. The guests in attendance will then be invited to join in and use their own mixers, thus forming a big No-Input-Mixing-Orchestra.

For obvious reasons it is advised to bring your own mixer (regardless of condition, quality or size) and the necessary cables to connect the mixers with effects units. However, this is by no means mandatory in order to take part in the workshop, as multiple people can operate the same mixer.

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