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Kite Flying - Art Kabul
Gudy Paran Bazy
Kite Flying - Art Kabul

The kite flying game, “Gudy Paran Bazy”, is the reason children and adults alike come together on the rooftops of Kabul to watch the sky turn into an impressive play of colors. For many years, refugees from Afghanistan have made their way to Graz. Darvishi Darvish, who originally is from Kabul and has been living in Graz for ten years now, got to know the art of kite building and the kite flying game when he was a young boy. The project “Die Villa, in der wir wohnen” (The villa we live in) gave him the opportunity to devote himself once more to this game, which is a symbol for freedom, home, innocence and the opportunity to meet the locals.

During the cold months of winter, the traditional dragon flying game becomes the center of attention in Kabul. Playing this game, the rules of which resemble those of a competition, takes the minds of the people of Afghanistan off their difficult day-to-day lives and allows them to enjoy moments of bliss and joy. It is a huge social event deeply rooted in Afghan culture, the meaning of which we can barely grasp.

The aim of this event is to bring together people of all ages coming from Kabul, who have known the kite flying game since childhood, as well as people from Graz who are interested in it. Like-minded people will be united by their shared love of kite flying, a game enjoyed by people of all generations. The event will give us the chance to build bridges, to further integration and – literally – to bond.

Workshop directors: Darvishi Darvish and his team

Open to people between the ages of eight and 99 (younger children should be accompanied by their parents)


If it rains, we will meet instead at 5. Grazer Drachentreffen (fifth kite-flyers’ meet-up) on 1st November at 11.00 a.m. at Innovationspark.

Together with the people from Kabul we will fly our home-made kites.

Refreshments will be offered in the form of tea and Bolani.


Sunday, 25 Oct

13:00 - 16:00


Am Schlo├čberg,

Language of the event: en-de


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