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Dorian Concept & Zanshin

Thursday, 05 Mar 2020

22:00 - 22:45 Mausoleum

In a project initiated by Sonic Acts and Elevate, Dorian Concept and Zanshin artistically approach the Max Brand synthesizer. This prototype synthesizer was constructed in 1957 by Bob Moog according to the designs of the composer Max Brand. The unique machine differs from other synthesizers not only in its sound but also in its interface: in addition to two keyboards and additional manuals for voltage control, there are also two foot pedals. While Synth Wizard Dorian Concept will be working on the keys and pedals, Zanshin will be using the sound generation controls. A dialogue between the two musicians emerges, who, in a time of user-friendliness, welcome the imperfections of this instrument and believe they recognize the nature of man. Together they try to decipher this idiosyncratic instrument and turn it around.

This performance is a comissioned work by Sonic Acts and Elevate Festival as part of Re-Imagine Europe.

(c) Elisabeth Stoeckl

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