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RocketNumberNine (uk)

East London's RocketNumberNine is composed of brothers Tom and Ben Page. In 2010 they released their first 12" on Four Tet's Text imprint - the epic Matthew and Toby. Produced by Kieran Hebden himself, the release captured their unmistakably intense and unique sound. That sound is starting to reach people everywhere and September 2011 will see them release their next 12" on Soul Jazz Records. Having recently toured with Four Tet, Caribou, James Holden and Nathan Fake, they're proving to be as comfortable in a club environment as they are in a more traditional gig setting.
On their deep and dark missions into rhythm and sound, through the use of drums, percussion and heavy synths, RocketNumberNine fully engage your senses and invite you to join them into the lesser explored musical territories. Through their richly varied musical experiences, the brothers conjure intense musical landscapes.

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