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Disaster-Agriculture vs. Food Sovereignty

Which form of agriculture could feed humanity?
Currently about a billion people are starving, and more than 20,000 die every day as a consequence.

The predominant profit-driven model of agriculture is responsible for major environmental and social problems. At the same time it is highly inefficient: It is hard to believe but true, that industrial agriculture requires an input into the production process of ten calories for every calorie produced.

This system is highly dependent on fossil fuels which are becoming scarce (Peak Oil and Peak Gas). Fertile soils are also less common than often assumed (Peak Soil) and are increasingly being destroyed by monocultures and the use of pesticides. The pressure on small-scale farmers by the ongoing expansion of industrial agriculture is intensifying, and, in the global South especially, the effects of climate change are already causing significant problems.

Frances Moore-Lappé will talk about the current situation and about counter-strategies and alternatives. Irmi Salzer will discuss challenges relating to current agricultural policy (with focus on Europe).

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