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Open Source Economy

Catalyst of Socio-ecological Transformation?

The extent of the present socio-ecological crisis presents enormous challenges for mankind. To render our society sustainable, we would need to fundamentally restructure our economic system over the next two decades. However, any such efforts are hindered by the adherence to capitalist concepts, such as profit-maximization as a production goal, and by an unbalance of power which remains in the hands of a few key players. In recent years, on the other hand, we could observe a powerful upsurge of open, cooperative modes of production which are based on real needs and on goods that actually benefit society. Do these new forms of collaboration have the potential to create  a fundamentally different, egalitarian economic and social system, which could meet the current challenges, or will they pave the way, yet again, for the enrichment of a few at the expense of the rest of the world population and of the environment? Which developmental dynamics can already be observed, and which future scenarios seem likely?

Complementing workshop:
Commons-based peer production: The beginning of a free society beyond market and state?
with Stefan Meretz: Friday Oct 25th , 09:30, Forum Stadtpark

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