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Graz, Open City?

Exploring public space with OpenStreetMap

Surveillance cameras are everywhere – but do they actually make Graz safer? An alcohol ban in the city center, a barred gazebo in Stadtpark – is it really about the welfare and safety of citizens, or rather about the profits of businesses, which fear that customers and tourists are bothered by the presence of certain marginalized groups of society? It is necessary to offer opposition to this development towards a „Verbotskulturhauptstadt“ (Cultural Capital of Prohibition) (Erwin Posarnig). We are talking about self-empowerment, creativity, urban experience, cooperation, and about active particiption in the community. What options are we given for the use of public spaces? Who gets the permission to do so? Together with many partners and with support from the local OpenStreetMap community, the Elevate Festival will explore the city at various locations, uncovering opportunities for creative use of public space for the residents of Graz.

Branches / Project partners:

„Where/What is the public space?“ - Meeting Point: Tummelplatz - Start: 12:00

Open Leerstand Map & Graz-Wiki - Meeting Point: Forum Stadtpark - Start: 13:00 - Meeting Point: Karmeliterplatz - Start: 14:00

Mapventure & Storywalk - Meeting Point: Hauptbahnhof - Start: 14:45

Yoga in public space - Meeting Point: Hauptplatz - Start: 15:00

WALK THE LINE – Graz Alphabetical - Meeting Point: Abraham-a-Santa-Clara-Gasse  Start: 16:00

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