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Free Seeds for All!

Delicious Diversity vs Tasteless Monopolies

Seeds are the foundation of human civilization, a fact easily forgotten by modern-day city dwellers. To ensure autonomous and healthy food production in the face of climate change and peak everything, we require a great diversity of non-hybrid crop plants. Due to their high genetic diversity, these can be bred by farmers in cooperation with small-scale seed companies and research institutions to accord with changing environmental conditions.

However, today already 74% of the global seed market is controlled by the ten most powerful corporations (Monsanto, DuPont (Pioneer), Syngenta, etc.) which continue to push monopolisation. These corporations, which bank on genetic engineering, hybrids and patents, have enormous political influence. Currently, attempts are made to further change the legal situation in their favour by means of a new regulation at the EU level. However, puplic opposition is growing. Seeds must remain commons. In the course of this panel discussion, the current situation is analysed, and alternatives and possible future scenarios are considered.

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