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Media and Journalism: Crisis or Boom?

The advertising revenues of media companies are taking a hit across the globe, and an air of crisis is spreading. But does this really qualify as a media crisis? Or does the business model of commercially funded journalism no longer work for this situation? Bloggers, independent journalists, and cooperatively financed media seem in any case not to be struck by the crisis: the need for information rather rises in such a time than declines. Notwithstanding, the actual statistics in Germany, for example, show that trust in the profession has clearly sunk. No more than 35% claimed trust in journalism according to a survey by the TU Dreden. In Austria, the numbers are even more critical: only 24% of Austrians trust journalists, according to a survey by Reader`s Digest.

Yet, a little optimism is secured, locally and internationally, by courageous journalists working to produce qualitatively top-notch content in exciting formats. Business models, working methods, and enormous technological advancements offer undreamt of possibilities for engaged media professionals. 

The participants in this round of discussions are all experienced professionals in various current media, ready to give a glimpse into their work, their environment, and their visions of journalism in the 21st century - offering local as well as global perspectives.

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