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Elevate the Crisis - Opening

monochrom's gala show on crisis management and questions concerning risk society

With Gabriele Michalitsch, Pat Mooney, Amy Goodman, and the Elevate team.

Structural instability, a mere annoyance like the neighbour`s dog. So contemporary society presents itself to the public. Let us lament and curse! And if we can`t meet trouble halfway, lets at least meet it where it turns off. From every crack in civil society, the age of aquarius infiltrates. Nevertheless, it can`t be forgotten that all crises come and go, but their counter-measures stay for eternity! And so monochrom has been engaged as a sub-contractor by the leadership elite of the Elevate Festival to implement a "gala show on crisis management and questions concerning risk society." And they take up his challenge! Politics! Economy! Pop! Fun! Vanity! Fanaticism! Language! Culture! Self-satisfaction! Identity! Utopia! Mania! Desperation! Something for everyone. Innovation happens whether you make it happen or not!

Onto this stage step three top-ranking guest speakers, whose contributions will drive an intensive debate, adding fuel to the following discussion programs and inspiring the audience to action and participation over the course of the following days.

Grabriele Michalitsch, economist, political scientist and sought after lecturer, opens the floor with an analysis on current developments in the ever intensifying economic and social crises, as well as thoughts on possible ways out, alternatives, and future scenarios.

Pat Mooney, one of the leading experts on the food crisis, the depletion of genetic resources, as well as on the risks and dangers of genetic engineering, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and geoengineering, steps up next. The recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize will discuss threats to our natural resources being posed in the course of the climate, energy, and food crises.

The third contributor is founder and moderater of the independent American radio and TV news broadcast "Democracy Now!" and recipient of the 2008 Alternative Nobel Prize - Amy Goodman joins us via live videostream from New York to reflect on the state of journalism and media, and what they mean to a functional democratic society, while also touching on the high potential of citizen initiative.

Following the show, Elevate presents an exciting music program starting at 10:00 p.m.  with performances by Micachu & The Shapes (UK), Byetone (DE), Microthol (AT), Ritornell (AT) and Dual (AT). Taking care of the night`s visual delights are ]BANDE[ (Yukon, Fnord) & Marv on Tagtool (AT).

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