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Creative protest forms, civil disobedience and activism 2.0

In the course of the changing history of social movements, a diverse repertory of protest forms has developed, which is used for interventions, prevention or obstruction and to make social change thinkable and possible. This includes demonstrations, rallies, information booths, happenings, Reclaim-the-street-parties, Pink & Silver, Rebel Clown Army, strikes or direct actions and actions of civil disobedience like boycotts, sit-ins or pieing.

In Klaus Schönberger's and Ove Sutter's book “Kommt herunter, reiht euch ein” [Come down, join], they describe the changing history of protest of social movements, using examples of these and other forms of action and the connected communication and behavioral models from 1848/49 until today. The articles sketch a prologue to the social rebellion of the 1960s and trace the developments in the following period under the influence of “1968”. They seek to answer the question of the horizon of possibilities of current protest forms.

Following the lecture of Klaus Schönberger and Ove Sutter, Clemens Apprich will report on current topics such as Social Media and Protest 2.0, followed by a discussion with the audience.

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