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Good Food Future feat. Vandana Shiva

Creative Responses from the Gardens and Fields

How can the growing world population feed itself?

Around 800 million people are starving and more than 20.000 die from hunger every single day. Industrial agriculture (primarily the production of animal based products) is the main cause of climate change.

For the first time in Graz, alternative nobel prize laureate Vandana Shiva will speak about these challenges as well as about current agricultural politics and the promising initiatives and movements promoting positive change worldwide. The main focus of this event is to highlight their inspiring work.

More and more people get involved in creating and implementing pathbreaking new ways of food production and distribution. Their initiatives range from community supported agriculture (CSA) and food co-ops, community gardens and fields, to huge food forests and edible cities. They all work in a very participatory fashion and focus on innovative methods of organic production. Agro-ecology and food sovereignty are at the center of this global movement that already involves hundreds of millions of people.

In the course of this event exciting local as well as international projects will present their work. After the panel session we´ll split up into smaller groups so that the audience can get into close contact with the initiatives´ protagonists. Participants will get more in depth information and will find out how they can get involved in the fundamental transformation of our food and agriculture system.

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