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Elevate Creative Response - Opening

Dance music, experimental sound art and socio-ecological transformation: this October sees the 11th edition of the unique Elevate Festival. With lectures, discussion panels, film screenings and workshops during the day and concerts, performances and DJ-lineups at night, the Elevate Festival has become one of the most influential forerunners for the synthesis of intelligent participation and progressive club culture.

This year´s festival theme is Creative Response, a term coined by writer and filmmaker Antonino d' Ambrosio. „Creative Response is not just the impulse that makes an artist create art, it is also alive in us throughout history and is embedded with compassion, our greatest human talent. It is an embracing of emotions and passions and linking them with thoughts and ideas, which operate in the free space between public and private, permitted and prohibited. It's about embracing imagination to see us connected as one people, that allows us to make everything possible.”

Creative Response can be found in all human activities: not only in art, but also in activism, science, and everyday life. A wide range of Creative Response is at the center of the opening event: activists, scientists and artists will speak about their work on some of the most important challenges of our time, including the global climate crisis, new technological developments, and overcoming capitalism. They will highlight groundbreaking initiatives and growing movements that are creating positive change.

Through participatory theater and scenic play, the audience will become part of the opening show. In the midst of the escalating socio-ecological crisis, we must create together a new culture of dialogue, solidarity and cooperation.

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