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Creative Response/Ability

Creative Response is not just the impulse that makes an artist create art, it is also alive in us throughout history and is embedded with compassion, our greatest human talent. It is an embracing of emotions and passions and linking them with thoughts and ideas, which operate in the free space between public and private, permitted and prohibited. It's about embracing imagination to see us connected as one people, that allows us to make everything possible.

Creative Response is the conceptual framework that enables this realisation and allows artists to think about what they're doing, to frame their work in the context of a greater good and the community of solidarity. All art is, at root, a response to something and can therefore be placed in a wider political context. Whether art is activism depends on the form and how it is shared.

This panel discussion will explore Creative Response in various different fields and pose questions about activism and engagement in the current political and economic climate.

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