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Caring Democracy & Climate Justice

From externalizing democracy to provisional democracy
Socio-ecological transformations can only happen when we re-think both economics and politics in a new way. Daniela Gottschlich's talk will look at the relationship between democracy and sustainability from a feminist perspective. Her starting point is the criticism of externalizing democracies which pass on (externalize) their own social and ecological costs in space and time in order to establish their own wealth and inner stability. Alternatives for a provisional democracy will become apparent when we start thinking about a new political culture and a provisional economy, starting with the otherwise neglected reproductive basis of our society.

Speaker: Daniela Gottschlich (GE)

System Change not Climate Change
Climate change is not a quantitative problem of too high CO2 emissions which can be analyzed isolated from society and solved only with technological tools. Rather it is a result of a destructive economic system which generates wealth for the few at the expense of the majority of people and non-human nature. Seeing the fast progression of climate change, we need a comprehensive change in our methods of production, together with a change to a new social paradigm that also respects ecology and society. Concepts like climate justice, energy democracy, and a solidarity post-growth economy could provide points of reference for this change.

Speaker: Tadzio Müller (GE)

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