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Anti-Social Media?

Online Extremism, Shitstorms, Hoaxes and Strategies to Resist

We´re living in angry times: Hate commentary, lies and agitation are making it harder and harder to engage in respectful online communication. This seems to be a global phenomenon. But the internet has to be a medium of enlightenment, so it´s time to reclaim it. Which mechanisms make it so easy for trolls? Which tricks are used to systematically spread lies? Which rhetoric do hate groups use to escalate debates? Which roles are played by corporate social media platforms? How do they react to the escalation?

The panelists share strategies and recommendations for confronting disrespectful rhetoric, trolling and shit storms. How can hoaxes or half-truths quickly be debunked? What can you do against cyber-mobbing? We all have the power to fight back against the haters.

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