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Nature for Sale?

Quantification, Monetization and Indigenous Resistance

Facing climate change and resource depletion, Europe is searching for new ways of dealing with natural resources: an exact quantitative survey is to be the basis for its optimized use on the one hand and for the protection of endangered species and the climate on the other. The monetary assessment of nature is central to this process, so that it can become part of economic calculations. Terms such as “natural capital” and “ecosystem services” signify this trend. The argument behind it is that if we realize of how much economic value nature is to us, we´ll take better care of it.

The indigenous Saami people, whose homeland in the Arctic is under attack by extractivist corporations (and indigenous people around the world), have a fundamentally different relationship with nature. They consider themselves part of it. And they believe it cannot be reduced to numbers to be exploited and has to be protected regardless of its economic value. More and more scientists and activists consider the monetization of nature dangerous as well. The protection of our only home cannot be left to markets and corporations. Aslak Holmberg, Renata Avila, Tommy Ose and Inge Fiala will show why. They will provide an overview of current developments and propose alternatives.

This event was curated together with our partners 
Insomnia from Tromso as part of We are Europe.

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