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Feminism is for Everybody!

How can we achieve Gender Justice and Liberation?

While progress has been made in many regions of the world and womxn do have more rights, freedoms and opportunities than in the past, we are far from having achieved true liberation and equality. Even in Europe and the USA (which consider themselves the beacons of enlightenment and democracy) womxn are being discriminated against, economically disadvantaged and confronted with violence every day. According to various studies the majority of womxn experience harassment and/or violence. Domestic violence is widespread and perpetrators (mostly friends or family members) are hardly ever convicted. The gender pay gap is still a reality and womxn have more precarious jobs and are more exploited than men. Care work is still done predominantly by womxn. The majority of political and economic decision makers are still men. Etc. Etc.

While there´s most probably more feminists than ever, powers pushing an anti-feminist backlash are on the rise as well. Who are they, who supports them and how can they be confronted? Which feminist strategies are successful? How can womxn get more power? How can we achieve gender justice and liberation for all? How can new folks join the struggle? What can we all do in our daily lives? These questions will be discussed by our panelists and the audience.

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