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Changing the Narrative

Refugees and Courage in Greece, Austria and beyond

"These are children! Not refugees ... just children." As clearly as the 4-year-old in the interview sees it, the story is unfortunately rarely told from this perspective today: people are judged by their origin - and these origins are demonized. A policy of fear on the backs of people in need.

Who sows fear, wants to reap power. Language is a tool of power, the choice of words in politics rarely is a coincidence. Especially right-wing politicians often use cognitive science techniques to their advantage: when talking about refugee waves, and at the same time highlighting crime rate without the context. Stereotypical images are very often used to strengthen one's own position.

But language is also a means of empowerment .Which storytelling can help to transition from fear to courage? Can information and interaction help to reclaim a narrative of dignity and respect? Do we need stories that are about pride, and not prejudice?

Co-curated with Reworks Agora from Thessaloniki.

This event is part of the We Are Europe festival cooperation!

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