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People Power!

Democratization and Postcapitalist Perspectives

For some years, an authoritarian turn has occurred in different parts of the world. The call for strong men is no longer just a phenomenon of autocratic states but part of western liberal politics. The remnants of the never completely redeemed bourgeois democracy are in conflict with neoliberal capitalism.
The exclusion of ever larger populations of wealth and social participation, where progressive alternatives are lacking, is leading to a strengthening of the extreme right; Awareness of democratic achievements is crumbling. Which strategies can overcome political disaffection and feelings of powerlessness? How can as many people as possible participate in the democratization of a society?
Many renowned thinkers today assume that without overcoming capitalism, it will not be possible to give all people a good life. The present economic system has created inequality and misery and entire ecosystems are destroyed. Leading scientists agree that we are already in the middle of the sixth mass extinction in history. The last one of similar dimension took place about 65 million years ago and finished of the dinosaurs. Who are the victims of global grievances today? How could a turnaround still succeed? How could we shape societies that can sustain livelihoods and distribute wealth equitably?
This panel will shed light on ideas, concrete approaches and initiatives that want to democratize societies. Possible ways out of capitalism are discussed as well. The audience can get to know projects which they could join and to help bring about positive change.

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