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Let's Get Physical

Bodies in Action

With full physicality, with all senses: when people chain themselves to diggers, welding together to prevent pipelines, when the occupation of tall trees tilts power relationships, when the dance performance provides comfort in grief, when body parts are tied down or glued on, when the hunger strike is the last way out... then bodies become possibilities. Naked or dressed: your body is a wonderland.

Little is so powerful and vulnerable at the same time, less so materially here and at the same time so ideologically weighed down as our bodies. Suffering and passion, lust and compassion. This is where the action is, hence bodies allow for strong pictures and strong feelings. Moreover what is important not only in art but also in activism: we are thinking with our body.

But which body is in action when it rises against the power - individual or collective? What happens at the Show Down Man vs. Machine? And those chains that we only feel when we move, can we just blow them up with our bodies?

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