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Facts, Files, Shredding.

For "National Security"?

"Persuasion and violence can destroy truth, but they cannot replace it", Hannah Arendt in Wahrheit und Politik (1963). It seems as if in the search for the truth one finds more paper snippets than comrades-in-arms. When it comes to national stability, the judge, who has just been praised as the highest good, often becomes the accused herself. And even more: before unpleasant facts come to light, they are destroyed.

Whistleblowers, politicians, journalists - whoever tries to obtain documents and publish them is actually acting in the interest of the public and national security. Actually, because many cases show that crucial files are blackened or shredded. And even more so when the spit is turned in the information war and the discoverers are denigrated as conspiracy theorists.

How much truth can a democracy endure? How much contradiction to the actual truth? What experiences do the guests have with locating and also exposing files?

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