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An Internationale of Nationalists?

Right-wing extremist structures in Austria and their international networks

Across the continent the battle cry "Occident in Christian hands!" echoes. But the Occident saviors, who whispered about decadence, were already unmasked by Karl Kraus in 1933 as "downfallers", no longer wanted to be right-wing extremists, but defenders of democracy and liberality. The images of the enemy were readjusted, old racism and even older anti-Semitism brought up to date. "We are European brothers because we do not want to be Islamised" (Heinz-Christian Strache): Against the common enemy right-wing extremist parties moved together, the national differences were pushed more and more into the background and a unified power block of the extreme right threatened to form. Right-wing extremism in Europe has developed into European right-wing extremism. While neo-Nazism has always been internationally networked, the right-wing extremist parties only succeeded in forming a supranational alliance with their fight against "Islamisation".

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