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Feminismus* 2020 - was verbindet uns (noch)?

Unterschiedliche Strategien in eine hierarchiefreie Gesellschaft

internationaler frauentag

The term "feminism" seems to become relevant again. But which one? While representatives of anti-feminist positions are eternally worried about the right course of the world, some differences seem to be intensifying even within feminist-oriented attitudes. In view of the intensity with which some protagonists clash, it seems to make sense to focus more on the discussion with each other than against each other. The vision of a fairer world will not come any closer if we pay more attention to differences than to what unites us. What remains is a common struggle - worldwide and regionally - for a peaceful and just society in diversity, in which people* of all genders - regardless of skin colour, whether they are believers or not, regardless of sexual orientation and identity, whether disabled or not and whatever their social status - are worth the same.

This panel discussion creates space for different perspectives and positions focuses on a reflection of the divisive and ultimately it should open up the possibility of searching for and describing what unites us for a common struggle and concrete feminist commitment.

The following and other questions will ensure a lively discussion:

What distinguishes and what connects young and older fighters for a gender-equitable society?

Ethnicity/skin colour, social class and gender - solidarity despite all differences?

Is the future queer instead of feminist?

Which feminist forms of action are the means of the time?


internationaler frauentag

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