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"Art comes from ability, say those conservative stiffs who can be met again and again in Rock'n'Roll. Nonsense, pop music has opposed it at least since punk: What counts are idea and intuition - and creative ways of implementing them."

Ankathie Koi embodies the synthesis of these opposing teachings. The musician, who grew up in Upper Bavaria and has long since made her home in Vienna, studied jazz singing and has mastered the artistic craft. However, Ankathie Koi is not someone who turns the craft into an end in itself. She does not sing jazz ballads, but produces dance pop full of blatant eighties references. Squeaky colourful and overexcited, but at the same time always catchy and elegant in a quirky way.

Kate Bush and Cyndi Lauper attend an aerobics class led by Peaches, where Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac tells Madonna in the dressing room to loosen up while they dance to David Bowie. This is roughly how Ankathie Koi sounds on her debut "I Hate The Way You Chew", released in spring 2017, produced by Viennese techno icon Patrick Pulsinger. The lyrics are sometimes reflected, sometimes twisted, but always trenchant.

The favourite role of the mullet wearer with a penchant for extravagant outfits is that of the Gender Trouble Maker, where she digs the macho out of her innermost being and puts it on stage - with a bold grin. Of course this is openly feminist, but without dogmas and rules. Except for one, which is: "Ned deppat sein!" - Viennese for "Don't be stupid!".

For the first time Ankathie Koi will host the Elevate 2020 opening show.

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