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Katrín Oddsdóttir (is)

Katrin Oddsdóttir was one of 25 members of the Constitution Council of Iceland, which drafted a new constitution for the country in 2011. The process of the Council has been recognized worldwide for its emphasis on democratic methods and the use of social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, which made it possible for the general public to follow and participate in writing a new constitution for Iceland in the wake of its economic crash in 2008. Oddsdóttir has been a political activist from early age, but became known in Iceland after delivering a radical political speech at mass protests in 2009, while studying law. She currently works as a human rights lawyer at Rettur Adalsteinsson & Partners law firm in Iceland, concentrating on the rights of refugees, disabled people and children, among other related fields. She has an MA in Human Rights from the University of London and a BA in law from Reykjavik University. Oddsdóttir has a BA in journalism from Dublin City University and has worked as a journalist and copy writer.

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