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Benedikt Alphart (at)

Friday, 06 Mar 2020

Acousmonium Friday

20:00 - 20:07 Mumuth

Vienna-born Benedikt Alphart is a composer working in the fields of instrumental as well as electroacoustic music. His electronic pieces can be described as experimental with a touch of nostalgia for the bass sounddesign heard in “Dubstep” music of the early 2010s. Taken out of their Club-Context, these growling synths merge with the composers fascination for the manipulation of recorded sounds that are often processed beyond recognition and rearranged, to form expressive gestures. He is currently based in Graz, where he is studying Computermusic and Composition at the Kunstuniversität and its institute for electronic music and acoustics.

(c) Sophia Weiser

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