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Lockdown Grooves

The Elevate Festival sends an artistic sign of life on the original festival date.

Elevate returns to its traditional festival date with the broadcast of exclusive live and DJ sets in cooperarion with the Austrian radio stations Ö1 and FM4. The musical contributions will first be presented on air - within the "Zeit-Ton", "La Boum de Luxe" and "FM4 Unlimited" radio series - and then also be available online.

The locked groove, the endless groove of the record and a festival that has to be postponed as we move from one Corona-induced lockdown to the next - a life in the loop. With “Lockdown Grooves”, Elevate 2021 is showing its first artistic sign of life. It is a series for which the festival is collecting musical contributions from around the world. Together they form a kind of description of the state of affairs, a document of the times: ten musical perspectives scattered across the globe, presented in cooperation with Austrian radio stations Ö1 and FM4. In cooperation with radio series Zeit-Ton, La Boum Deluxe and FM4 Unlimited, the contributions will be available digitally via Soundcloud after broadcast. It will be released on the original festival date, between 3 and 5 March, to shorten the time until the live shows in May.

The following artists have contributed to the Lockdown Grooves:

Angel-Ho (ZA) | Emilie Škrijelj (FR) | Isabella Forciniti (IT) | Katharina Klement (AT) |
Kevin Richard Martin (UK) | PONR (DE) | RP Boo (US) | Sansibar (FI) | Surgeons Girl (UK) | Tash LC b2b Mina (UK)

Programme Overview:

Wednesday, 3. 3. 2021: 20.15

Katharina Klement – via Facebook, YoutubeVimeo and on our website

Thursday, 4. 3. 2021

Ö1 Zeit-Ton

23.00 Isabella Forciniti
23.30 Kevin Richard Martin

Friday, 5.3.2021

FM4 Unlimited

14:00 Tash LC b2b Mina

Ö1 Zeit-Ton

23.00 Emilie Škrijelj
23.30 PONR

FM4 La Boum de Luxe

21.00 RP Boo // Angel-Ho // Sansibar // Surgeons Girl


Lockdown Grooves is part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.