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Andre Wolf (at)

Andre Wolf specializes in social media communication and has extensive experience in the analysis of internet content, particularly in the realm of social media.

As a blogger, author, and content and social media coordinator at Mimikama, he is at the forefront of socially relevant efforts against misinformation and online fraud.

As a social media expert, Andre Wolf regularly appears in various media outlets and has significant stage experience. Additionally, he has been a integral part of the popular Austrian TV show "Fakt oder Fake" for years.

Wolf has become a defender of democracy and is also involved in the Federal Office for Sect Issues in the "Conspiracy Theories" committee and the No Hate Speech Committee Austria.

Through his books "Die Fake-Jäger" (2017) and "Angriff auf die Demokratie" (2021), he has documented his work and dedication in the fight against misinformation and online fraud.