Christoph Fringeli

Releasing music and print media since 1986, Fringeli moved to London in 1991 and started Praxis the following year. The program was intensification of what the burgeoning hardcore techno and rave scene was offering and pushing things to extremes based on his roots in early industrial and experimental music, as well as formulating a practical as well as theoretical critique of the culture industry. The theoretical voice became the magazine Datacide, the practical undermining of dancefloor conventions was expanded with the Sub/Version label started in 1997. Taken into the present, the sonic assault of brutal beats and bass continues to blaspheme the conventions of the dancefloor whilst shattering ist boundaries.  Since 2009 he is serving records at Bar Cagliostro in Berlin-Friedrichshain. 


Artist info

Label: Praxis, Datacide
Array: CH
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