The journalist Alexandra Bader publishes scores of articles in the Standard and the Economy, among other papers, on themes dedicated to politics, culture, science and the environment. Since 1998, she has written for the IT-Award-winning internet magazine, CeiberWeiber where she ...[more]


David Barstow is an American journalist who currently works for The New York Times as an investigative reporter. He started his career as a reporter for The Rochester Times-Union in upstate New York and began to work for The St. Petersburg Times in 1990, reporting on a wide ...[more]


The social scientist and consultant Kristina Bayer studied in Berlin, Heidelberg and Sāo Paulo, and has currently received her doctorate from Kassel University on "Consultation for Sustainable Economies." Since 1989, she has taken part regularly in projects in Brazil ...[more]


Mona Bricke is part of two Berlin climate action groups as well as national and international preparation groups for protests and campaigns against the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. During her masters work in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, Bricke engaged ...[more]


The media instructor and cultural scientist Barbara Eppensteiner has served since 2004 as program coordinator for the Austrian private television station Okto, which is committed to the concerns of the television community. Previously, she headed the media centre of wienXtra, ...[more]


The vegetation ecologist Andreas Exner has worked for many years in research projects at the University of Vienna, and has been politically influenced by the environmental movement. Among other things, Exner has engaged himself as part of a team at Attac working on ecology and ...[more]


Christian Felber, the freelance publicist and dancer, bestselling author and sought-after advisor, studies Romance Philology, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology in Vienna and Madrid. Felber is a founding member of Attac Austria and was active on the managing board from ...[more]