Mona Bricke

Mona Bricke is part of two Berlin climate action groups as well as national and international preparation groups for protests and campaigns against the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. During her masters work in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, Bricke engaged herself in the preparation of British Climate Change Camps, which, in 2008, proved to be the largest of their kind so far, with 3000 participants gathering outside of London. Her final thesis deals with the securitization of climate change and the role of newly emerging climate movements. After working for half a year as part of an international gender and climate network, Bricke decided against lobbying and for the preparation of activism on Copenhagen. Before her residency in England, she had performed two years of skilled labour for the civilian peace services of the human rights organization, Peace Brigades International in Mexico. In 2006/07, she was NGO Coordinator of Activities at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm.

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