Workshop with Mona Bricke (Gegenstrom Berlin, Fels, Climate Justice Action/Germany), Christian Salmhofer (Climate Confederacy/Austria), Martin Fuchs (activist, climate educator, Climate Camp participant/Austria), and others

With the UN Conference in Copenhagen coming up between 7th and 18th of December 2009, which will be decisive for the further handling of the climate crisis, we will, above all, discuss how we as conscious citizens, NGOs, and social movements can best work towards a positive outcome for the follow up of the Kyoto Protol scheduled to be resolved there. We will also work out how we can most effectively position ourselves facing the process of the UN, which has, from the Rio Conference in 1992 up until now, not been able to effectuate a reduction in emissions.

While the majority of the activists will probably concentrate on most effectively being heard as part of mass demonstrations, some groups will mobilize people to disturb the summit or even bring it down. Others have thought about locking the delegates into their meeting rooms by massive blockades until they’ve signed an agreement in accordance with scientific recommendations.

Apart from conclusions that will be reached regarding strategies and actions, we will ask ourselves what could be effective methods of sensitizing big numbers of people towards this topic. The aim is to motivate people to actively follow and comment on the negotiations, and especially to instigate protests (predominantly on site in Copenhagen).

The workshop will also deal with how we can best react to the possible outcomes of the confererence, and by which strategies we should continue to work with. Last but not least, we’ll discuss where and how we can become active on a local level.

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