Martin Fuchs

Martin Fuchs, the Graz-born activist and climate educator studied Agriculture and Horticulture at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences as well as Agricultural Pedagogy at the Vienna University of Agricultural and Environmental Teacher Training, and has held numerous research residences in France and Slovakia. Fuchs is an intitiator of and co-worker on a diverse range of horticultural projects as well as other socially critical initiatives, and is currently the spokesperson for "Plattform zum Schutz der Murauen" ("Platform on the Protection of  the Murauen"), in which he works to prevent the construction of a hydropower station in the South of Graz. Since 2007, he has lectured at schools on the developments and dangers of climate change and important countermeasures to take against it. In 2008, he took part in the first Climate Change Camp of the German speaking world in Hamburg, which attracted approximately 800 participants and could possibly become a galvanizing force of the leftist climate movement.

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