Christian Felber

Christian Felber, the freelance publicist and dancer, bestselling author and sought-after advisor, studies Romance Philology, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology in Vienna and Madrid. Felber is a founding member of Attac Austria and was active on the managing board from 2000 to 2003 as well as being as spokesperson for the organization until 2004. He pens commentaries and contributions for a number of papers, and in recent years can be caught frequently on radio and TV shows as a guest speaker. Since Fall 2008, Felber has also been active as a lecturer at the Vienna Institute for International Marketing  and Management. In August 2009, he released his latest work, "Kooperation statt Konkurrenz - 10 Schritte aus der Krise" ("Cooperation over Competition - 10 Steps from the Crisis").

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Label: WU Wien, Attac Österreich
Array: AT
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