Erich Möchel

Erich Moechel is editor of the ORF website Futurezone, which also dedicates itself to political and social aspects of communication technologies alongside IT News. This summer, for instance, Futurezone is reporting on the possibilities as well as dangers of the internet during protests in Iran. Over the course of the years, Moechel has made his name as a media critic and columnist, has been invited several times to EU-parliament as an expert on the Surveillance of Telephone Networks and, since 2003, has lectured on online and multi-media journalism at the Graz Joanneum University of Applied Sciences. On top of that, he is the co-founder of Quintessenz, an association for the restitution of civil rights in the information age, and the Austrian "anti-prize" of the Big Brother Awards, which will be allocated for invasion of privacy among other things.



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Label: ORF Futurezone, Quintessenz
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