Daniela Kraus


Daniela Kraus is a managing member of the research institution Medienhaus Wien. Since the mid-nineties she worked as a free-lancer for several media companies. In 1998/99 she was a scholarship holder at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and until 2005 she was a co-worker at Kaltenbrunner media consulting. In 2005 she started to work on the build up of the Medienhaus Wien. Furthermore she applied herself to the conception and management of media and journalism projects in the realm of research, education and development. Daniela Kraus teaches at the universities of Vienna and Klagenfurt and is the author of numerous publications. In collaboration with Andy Kaltenbrunner and Matthias Karmasin she published „Der Journalisten-Report III: Politikjournalismus in Österreich.“ in July 2010.


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