Theme Day: Technology / Resources / Energy

The 21st century is characterized by great challenges. Climate change and the destruction of the biosphere have to be tackled and mankind must find ways to deal with resource depletion. It takes a radical transformation of the energy system as well as a fundamental change of modes of production and ways of life to succeed. As part of the theme day "Technology / Resources / Energy“, Elevate will explore how this can be achieved.

Which promising new technologies should be used and how can we minimize their risks and dangers? What is the impact of the rapid, exponential development of key technologies on people and society? What potential do alternative production and design methods such as Permaculture and Cradle to Cradle possess? Can they really produce wealth without destroying nature?

The key questions are how the current political and economic paradigms, which are preventing fundamental change, can be overcome and how powerful players who seek to maintain the status quo against the interests of the overwhelming majority of people, can be confronted.

How can we shape the necessary change so that it not only preserves the means of livelihood for all people (including future generations), but also brings more democracy, social justice and quality of life with it?

* Theme day curated by Brigitte Kratzwald, Josef Obermoser and Daniel Erlacher

Friday, 21.Oct

Grüne Akademie


10:00-12:00 workshop none none none none Power to the People?

Forum Stadtpark


13:00-15:00 discussion lecture video-stream none none Von der Knappheit zur Fülle?

16:00-18:00 discussion none none none none 21st Century Technologies

18:30-20:30 discussion none none none none Energiewende!

21:00-23:00 film Q+A none none none Plug & Pray (DE/2010)